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California Personal Injury Lawyers Provide Comprehensive Support

San Francisco firm has earned strong results for clients

Over more than six decades, the Cartwright Law Firm, Inc. has delivered assertive, effective counsel to personal injury victims in California and throughout the country. Located in San Francisco, our firm maximizes verdicts and settlements in various types of legal actions relating to injuries and fatalities caused by carelessness. In auto accident cases, slip and fall claims, wrongful death litigation and other matters, we fight tirelessly for plaintiffs and counter the defenses raised by liable parties, their lawyers and insurance companies to get our clients the compensation they deserve for the harm they’ve suffered.

Dedicated Bay Area litigators help people hurt in motor vehicle accidents

Busy Bay Area roads and increasingly distracted drivers make serious auto accidents more likely than ever. When you’re injured and worried about meeting mounting expenses, you may feel pressured to take the first settlement offered. But before you accept a settlement and relinquish your rights, it’s wise to consult with an accomplished personal injury lawyer whose experience can inform your decisions regarding:

  • Auto insurance claims — When you’ve been in a car crash, we will immediately investigate the circumstances to determine who is at fault. From there, our firm will advise you as to whether you should seek relief from your insurer, pursue a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, or file a lawsuit.
  • Truck collisions — When you’ve sustained injuries caused by a collision with a truck, our firm carefully reviews the evidence to see if rules governing commercial vehicle operation were violated. Often, the negligent parties in these cases include fleet owners and the companies that hire trucks, in addition to drivers. We’ll take action against every liable individual and business.
  • Pedestrian claims — Drivers who fail to act responsibly when driving near pedestrians create a tremendous risk for everyone on foot. If you or a loved one has been hit by a vehicle while walking, our lawyers will battle to get you compensation that completely covers current and future damages triggered by the accident.

Starting with a free initial consultation, our firm will take aggressive steps to secure a prompt, favorable result so you can move forward.

Skillful attorneys pursue compensation for slip and fall victims

Property owners and others with responsibility for maintaining safe premises must take reasonable steps to prevent hazards that could cause a slip and fall injury. Whether someone trips on a damaged tile, slips on an icy sidewalk, or falls on a poorly lit walkway, we conduct a thorough review of the circumstances to determine if liability exists. Slip and fall accidents can cause broken bones, concussions, back injuries and other serious medical conditions. We will advocate for you and explain how plaintiffs can obtain a recovery even if they are partly responsible for their injury.

Trusted advocates represent survivors in wrongful death actions

Quantifying the harm caused by a fatal instance of negligence or willful misconduct can seem like an impossible task. Still, close family members are entitled to some form of justice after the tragic and permanent loss of a loved one. Our firm assists spouses, children, parents and other eligible plaintiffs in wrongful death cases stemming from vehicle crashes, hazardous conditions and intentional acts. These claims, which must be filed within two years of the decedent’s death, can seek damages for funeral costs, income the victim would have earned, and the loss of household assistance and companionship.

Contact an accomplished California personal injury lawyer for a free consultation

The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc. represents Bay Area clients in various types of personal injury cases, including claims arising from auto accidents and falls on unsafe surfaces, and wrongful death actions. Please call 415-830-5018 or contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is located in San Francisco’s Financial District.

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